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Eye glass lenses – Your best bet to better vision

Types of Eye glass Lenses

The eyes must be the single most important sense that everyone has. They make life much easier. However, they are among the most susceptible to infections, which can affect your ability to see or other factors that may inhibit or make their work harder. Depending on the situation, there are a variety of glasses that you could use to save your eyes from strain and protect them from further damage and ultimately, loss of sight. There are a variety of eye glass lenses materials that you could choose. It is vital to note that the material does not affect the corrective ability the lens; however, it does have a big impact on the lifestyle of the user.

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Various Lens Materials

Nowadays, here are the most coveted lens materials in the market:

  • Hi-index lenses – Unlike other lenses, the hi-index lenses have the ability to refract light differently. This unique feature allows them to require less amount of the lens so as to be able to achieve their function. This not only makes glasses of high prescription patients more comforting to wear, but also more customizable for the sake of aesthetics. However, the downside to using this kind of material for your lens as opposed to the normal plastic lens is that they cost more and this affects the general cost of glass lenses. 


  • Polycarbonate lenses – This is another type of lenses that is made with a special hardened plastic material that is meant to make them more durable. Additionally, this type of material also requires a smaller lens, which makes it possible for the users to have lightweight glasses that have built-in ultraviolet protection. Due to the durability of this type of material, it is considered ideal for children. However, more than often, people complain that this type of lens material does not offer the clearest and crisp vision. 


  • Trivex lenses – For people that might not experience the best vision with the polycarbonate lenses, then the Trivex offers a better alternative to clear glass lenses. This is a relatively new material in the market that offers higher quality optics hence improved vision. Even though this type of material does not have as thin a lens as the polycarbonate, it is still thinner than the normal glasses with plastic lenses. It is also more rigid making it more appropriate for the rimless and the drill mount frames. This type of material is ideal for child lenses, safety lenses and also for sport lenses since they have the same impact resistance as the polycarbonate. 


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  • Aspheric lenses – This type of lens has a number of advantages that play out to give benefits to the wearer. For starters, the aspheric lenses have peripheral curvatures that are flatter than spherical lens. This helps in reducing the amount that a lens bulges out of an eye glass frame, which in turn may reduce the eye’s magnification and improve the cosmetic appeal of the glasses. Also, the flatter peripherals help to minimize the distortions which occur when one looks away from the middle of the lens. This goes a long way to make the vision clearer and crisper. To top it all up, this type of lens is much lighter than the standard spherical lens. 


  • Anti-reflective coatings – To immensely reduce the amount of external and internal reflection on the eye glass lenses, an anti-reflective coat is applied. This is done to maximize the percentage of light that is passed via the lens which is another way of improving the quality of vision. This coat also goes a long way to reduce the unwanted halos and glares that occur during night time. This coating also helps to make the lenses look thinner than normal. As much as this type of material could be used on anyone’s glasses, they are more useful to people that have a high prescription or those that suffer from reduced vision at night. It can also be very appropriate for professionals who consider cosmetic appearance important. 


  • Scratch resistant coatings – During the manufacturing process, the scratch resistant coat is applied to the back and the front of the lens. Even though this does not make the lens scratch proof, it does make it significantly tougher to scratch when you rub it against a rough surface or when dropped. However, you should ensure that you specify on this term as it is at times used to refer to a sort of scratch warranty where the manufacturer does offer to repair the eye glass lenses should a scratch occur even if the coat is applied to most of the lenses. 


  • Ultraviolet treatments – This is another type of material that is added to the glasses to ensure that the eyes are protected from ultra-violet rays that accelerate the formation of cataracts and other muscle degeneration conditions of the eyes. As much as this type of treatment is usually applied when you purchase the glasses, it is good to ensure that it is applied and asking from the experts would help greatly. This is much more so; given the importance of protecting one’s eyes from the sun’s damaging effects. In any case, it is not hard to apply this kind of treatment and should not cost much, supposing their glasses do not have this kind of treatment yet.


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  • Polarized lenses – This kind of lens is the same as those used by fishermen to help them protect their eyes from the immense light that is reflected by the water and to allow them to see deeper in the water. They are usually used in sun glasses and are pivotal in decreasing bright reflections and glare by blocking polarized horizontal reflected light. While this lens is not medical in nature, they still do play an essential role in ensuring that your eyes stay safe and healthy. In the event that they are already problematic, the polarized lenses do help to keep the problem from worsening. 


  • Photo-chromatic lenses – These are probably the most common lens material there is. For the sake of those who do not know, they are the type of coat that is applied to the lens that turns into a black tint in bright sunlight and then turn clear when one goes indoors. These are ideal for the group of people that would rather not a carry another pair of prescription glasses with them and would rather have a two-in-one. However, this type of eye glasses do not darken well when driving, just like how a windshield hinders a good amount of the harmful UV light. Hence, it would be safer to ensure that you have your prescription glasses with you for clearer vision and for safety purposes.


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The Bottom Line

Given the sensitivity and their important roles, it is no wonder that so much effort goes into the making of eye glass lenses to ensure that your eyes are not only healthy, but also have an improved vision at the same time. In the same spirit, it is highly advisable that before you change your glasses or have some of these materials added to them, you should visit an optician for advice. This is because your condition may not condone some of the materials or they might worsen your vision. Since they are medical apparatuses, it is vital to seek out medical advice before you think of changing or adjusting the material of your glasses to anything other than what was originally used.