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A Guide to Buying Non Prescription Colored Contacts

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Tinted lenses or colored lenses are available with ease online and offline. You can buy prescription as well as non prescription based on your preferences. While buying prescription lenses is relatively easier, you have to follow a few steps to buy non prescription colored contactsso that you buy lenses that are safe and also suit your skin tone. You should remember that even though you are not buying lenses for vision correction, you are still buying medical devices. All medical devices need to be purchased and handled with utmost care.

turquoise non prescription colored contact lenses

Talking to the Doctor

The first thing to do would be to make an appointment with your eye doctor and to have your eyes checked. You should be very sure to only have a professional, licensed doctor check your eyes even though you are buying lenses without power. Only a licensed doctor will be able to measure your eyes properly and tell you of the right type of colored eye contacts non prescription for you. While scheduling the appointment itself you should be very clear that you are looking for non prescription colored contacts. This will make it easier during the appointment when your vision is tested to be perfect. The doctor will automatically measure the shape of your eyes as well so that you buy your colored contact lenses.

If you have eye sight problem and would still like to buy colored lenses, you have two options. You can buy prescription colored lenses so that they serve the purpose of two in one or you can buy colored non prescription contacts and then buy the right eye glass lenses according to your needs. The choice here is yours.

simple brown colored eye contact lenses

Buying Non Prescription Colored Contacts

Since there are numerous different colors that you could choose from, it is important to try a few options and then select one. Many doctors have various colored contacts that you can try. These are usually free non prescription colored contacts for trial purposes. You can try them in the doctor’s office depending on how you want to look. You can either simply enhance your existing eye color or you can change your eye color dramatically. If you have blond hair, the eye colors that will suit you include hazel, green, and brown. If you have brown hair, you might want to check out blue or violet colors. If you want a dramatic change in your look, you can pick contrasting colors. For example, if you have brown eyes you can pick blue contacts. Keep in mind that there are options such as red with different shapes or patterns on the lenses. Such contacts are ideal for themed parties.

gemstone green non prescription colored eye contacts

For First Timers

Eye irritation is the most common problem when a person is wearing a contact lens. There could be some inflammation to the eyes that would make it turn red and you have a hard time opening them. If it is your first time, make sure you have someone with you to check if the lenses are properly placed around your cornea before you blink. There are lubricants that can function as artificial tears so that your eyes remain moist because dry eyes can cause you a different set of problems. A mirror and clean hands are always expected when you wear them.

eye enhancing colored eye contacts

If you are looking for a fun way to change your look, non prescription colored contacts are the best choice. However, you have to be careful while buying them and also while wearing them so that they last long. Be very sure to purchase only from reputed sellers so that the lenses are safe and reliable. Do not buy lenses without consulting your doctor first.

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