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All about Eye Glasses

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Eyeglasses are lenses for the eyes, usually used to correct vision. They have been around for a long time and today you will find numerous different types of frames to choose from. There are also glasses without corrective lenses that you can use for other purposes such as UV protection. Some people also use them just for style purposes. It is uncertain when these glasses were created but history suggests that the first pair of glasses may have been worn in 1285 in Europe.

Wearing eyeglasses may or may not be for you. But since you are right on this page, you might want to understand these corrective items more by learning its exact functions, the types available, and how wise purchasing is done. Find all of the information that you need by simply reading the facts comprehensively stated down below.

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Function of Eye Glasses

The glasses for the eyes have several different functions ranging from purpose to aesthetic appeal. There are prescription eye glasses that are used in order to correct vision and these are the most popular types of glasses today. In addition, there are also glasses that protect eyes from dust and debris (shatter-proof) while there are also specific glasses that come with UV protection. You may also purchase glasses that come with two or more properties such as correcting vision and UV protection. Celebs and common people alike also wear glasses for aesthetic appeal. For example, Sir Elton John wears them for personal expression. Therefore, even if you have normal vision you can wear these glasses to change the way you look.

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Types of Eye Glass Lenses

Corrective lenses may be of different types based on the problem you are currently experiencing. Mypoic, hyperopic, and astigmatism are the three main types. Glasses for protection are also known as goggles and they are usually worn by sportspeople or those working in the laboratory to protect their eyes from harmful chemicals and substances. Some workers in different professions may need to wear glasses that help them see in various lighting conditions. Glasses used for UV protection are known as sunglasses. These are available in prescription and non-prescription.

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Buying Eye Glasses

In order to buy the best glasses you have to look at your requirement as well as other factors so that you buy glasses that help you and enable you to look great as well. The first thing to keep in mind is, of course, the prescription. The optician should be able to read the prescription and make your glasses for you accordingly. While choosing eye glasses frames you may check your face shape and your lifestyle. As a general rule the shape of your glasses and the shape of your face should be contrasting. For example, if you have a round face, rectangle shaped frames would look best on you. However, trying a few frames before choosing the best one is advisable. You may also want to look at the color of your frames. While black is versatile you may even go for red, blue, green, and other such options depending on your eye color and your hair color. It is recommended that you buy lenses with UV protection and/or shatter-proof properties to protect your eyes whenever you step out.

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Glasses are very common today and they are used for various different purposes. Regardless of your requirements you should invest in good quality lenses because cheap eye glasses can hamper your vision and damage your eyes. Cheap glasses are also usually very uncomfortable. You may check the Internet for inexpensive options that are also highly reliable.

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