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All about Polycarbonate Lenses

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When magnification first came into the picture, glass was the only material used. Eyeglasses were only made of glass and they were universally used. However, with time, man created a few new materials that could replace glass and provide additional benefits. Plastic was one such material. Today, 50% of the lenses used in the world are made with plastic because plastic is lighter and more reliable. It is also cheaper in comparison. There are also polycarbonate lenses, which are slowly gaining popularity because of their benefits.

About Polycarbonate Lenses

These lenses came into existence only in the 70s while plastic has been used for a longer period of time. In order to make lenses with polycarbonate, the material is broken down into pellets and these pellets are heated. After that, they are molded into lenses under very high pressure and allowed to get cool in order to come up with finished lenses in just a span of minutes.

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  • Compared to other types of material used for making lenses, polycarbonate isnoticeably thinner in terms of thickness.
  • However, when weight is in question, it is a bit heavier than other counterparts such as trivex lenses.
  • With regards to resistance against impact, the quality that polycarbonate boasts is very much satisfactory.
  • When used under sun exposure, it can efficiently block UV radiation by up to 100%.


The biggest benefit of these lenses is that they are much safer than plastic and glass because they are almost shatter resistant. Even under impact, they are less likely to break because they tend to absorb the shock. They are soft and flexible, which is why they only flex but do not break. Impact-wise, these eye glass lenses are ten times stronger than plastic and many more times stronger than glass. Another huge benefit is that these lenses completely block UV rays. This means that upon wearing these glasses you will thoroughly protect your eyes from the sun. These lenses are also very slim and lightweight. This is the reason why they are highly preferred by athletes, kids, and active people.

sunwise peak polycarbonate MTB cycle white sunglasses

Polycarbonate Lenses Problems

The main problem with these lenses is the cost. Since they come with so many benefits, the polycarbonate lenses cost is considerably higher. This is the reason why many people get discouraged from buying these lenses. However, they are worth the price because they last longer and you won’t need to buy a new pair of glasses or lenses for a long time. Another concern that you might face with these lenses is the distortion. When compared to plastic, polycarbonate is said to cause more distortion, which is why you may not find it preferable if you have distorted vision.

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Cleaning Polycarbonate Lenses

Once you make your purchase you should also know about maintenance. The good news is that these lenses are easy to maintain because they are scratch resistant. Therefore, following basic instructions from the doctor or the optician about cleaning will suffice. You may need to buy a specific cleaner for these lenses so that you keep them clean and so that your vision is not affected. If you have any doubts, you can always talk to the professional for help. You will also find many tips and advice on maintenance of eye glasses online.

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Polycarbonate lenses are the best choices for kids and active people because they are impact-resistant, safe, and shatter proof. Even if you are engaged in a high contact activity you can be sure that your glasses will be safe and so will your eyes. It is advisable that you buy these lenses despite their high cost because of their durability.

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