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All You Need To Know About Sports Glasses

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Sports are fun and important but they can also be dangerous if you are not prepared. Vision is of chief significancein sports and if your vision is compromised you will not just lose the match but you also put yourself at the risk of great injury. Some sports are more hazardous than the others with the constant risk of someone’s elbow colliding with your face or a finger poking your eye inadvertently. It is important, thus, that you take utmost care before you step out to play regardless of the sports. If you have impaired vision, buying sports glasses is the best option because regular eyeglasses are fragile and can be broken easily, causing more damage.

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Two Types of Sports Glasses

For correction and eye protection, below are the two main types of glasses for sports:

  • Goggles – They are considered safer even though shields are more comfortable. This is because goggles will fit you perfectly and snugly, reducing any chance of falling off. They come with a band that enables you to wrap around the head and seal the goggles tightly on your face.
  • Sports shields -On the other hand, they are like regular eyeglasses and come with the risk of falling off easily. Thus, if you prefer shields to goggles you should ensure perfect fit so that the glasses are tight. Contoured lensesare preferable for biking and other such sports. Keep in mind that the market has specific types of glasses according to the sport as well such as specific ski goggles forskiing enthusiasts.

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Tips When Choosing the Right Sports Glasses

While choosing you have to keep the main things in mind: the size of the frame, the type of lens and your needs and preferences.

  • The size of the frame should be large enough to cover your entire eye and the socket. Some people buy frames that only cover the eyeball. While this is perfectly fine for normal circumstances, sportspeople need more care and protection. Otherwise, the rest of your eye will be exposed and vulnerable to injury. At the same time you should ensure that the frame does not limit your vision. Restricted vision is also a huge problem because it can hinder your performance.
  • Coming to the lens, you have to ensure you buy the best quality lenses to ensure complete protection. This is why polycarbonate eye glass lenses are considered to be the best choice. They are extremely reliable and almost damage proof. You may also have the optician add additional features to your lenses such as shatter resistance and tint to protect you from UV radiations when you play the sport.
  • When it comes to your needs, when you are suffering from eye problems it is best to have an eye doctor check your eyes first to ensure that you will have the best glasses to correct as well as protect your vision. A prescribed sports eyeglass is the solution for sports minded people who have faulty vision.

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Tips When Buying Sports Glasses

It is important to remember to have your eyes checked by the doctor so that you know whether your eyesight is perfect, is impaired, or has worsened. You may buy prescription safety glassesfor sports accordingly. To ensure quality, it is advisable that you choose from Americas best eyeglasseseven if you find them to be expensive because eye protection is much more important than the price tag.

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While buying glasses for sports you have to ensure quality, fit, and perfect lenses so that you play your favorite sport(s) without your vision causing a hindrance or restriction.

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