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Buying Green Contactswith Ease

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Back in time only transparent contact lenses were available and they were used solely for corrective and protective purposes as an alternative for eye glass lenses. Today, you have several different colored contacts such as green contacts and blue contacts, which can help you correct your vision while changing your look based on your preferences and style. Whether you do not like your eye color or whether you simply want to change your vision you can wear colored contact lenses.

sea green non prescription colored contacts

Types ofGreen Contacts

Green eye contactsmay be of two different types. They may either be slightly tinted or they may be color tinted.

  • Slightly tinted contacts are for those who would have naturally green eyes but would like to enhance the color. For example, some people have light green eyes. They may wear slightly tinted green contact lenses to enhance their color. This change is not dramatic. It is simply an enhancement.
  • People who have different colored eyes such as brown, black, or blue, and would like to dramatically change their appearancecan choose colored tints. You will find different shades of green in this category but when you make your purchase you should be particular about your eye color so that you choose the right shade such as green contacts for dark eyes and contacts for light eyes.

natural green contact lenses

Tips When Buying Green Contacts

Keep in mind that even though this color is very popular, choosing the right shade can be very difficult.

  • This is why you should consider your eye color, hair color, and your skin tone while making a choice. Women with blonde hair and light skin can choose green with ease.
  • There are green contacts for brown eyes, blue eyes, black eyes, and gray eyesas well but such a drastic change will dramatically change the way you look.
  • If you have impaired eye vision, it is advisable that you consult your eye doctor first before purchasing. This way, you can avoid eye complications and irritation. More likely, your eye doctor will prescribe eye contacts that will correct your eye vision, protect them as well as fashionable in anyway.
  • Make sure you choose green lenses only if you are confident that you can pull off such a bold look. A good thing to do would be to try on different shades of green at the doctor’s office to see which shade suits you the best.
  • There are also shops online and offline that you can buy contact lenses directly. Shops usually have trial pairs that you can try for free. This will help you make a choice without spending money on the wrong shade.
  • Choose the most the most reliable and reputable shop to ensure the safety of your eyes. Also, make sure that they provide eye solutions and ask advice on how to properly clean your contacts.
  • Please remember that if you have brown or blue eyes and are not looking to change your look completely, you should not choose green. For subtle changes it is advisable to stick to your own eye color.

green cat eye contact lense

Additional Tips

  • Experts recommend that you buy daily disposable contact lenses that you can dispose after each use. They are cheaper and require minimal maintenance.
  • Along with the right shade you should also keep the quality of the lenses in mind as well the sight if you are also correcting your vision with them. This step is crucial.
  • If you are buying online, be very sure of the reputation seller, the products they sell and read reviews.

fresh look colorblends gemstone green lense


Green contactsare a great way to change your look and appearance without working too hard. Talk to the professional if you are doubtful about the right shade.

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