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Buying Prescription Eyeglasses that are Functional and Stylish

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Your prescription eyeglasses have to fit you perfectly and best serve your needs in order to help you with your vision and to be comfortable at the same time. Glasses are highly functional but if they are not comfortable and durable you will not want to wear them. This will also cause a lot of problem such as pain above your ears, on your nose and even headache. With just a little patience you will be able to pick the right set of eye glass lenses and frames.

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Tips When Looking for Eyeglasses

  • Getting the eyeglasses prescription – The first step will obviously be to have your eyes checked by a reputable and licensed eye doctorso that you will be properly prescribed with the perfect eyeglasses that suits your needs. The prescription will not just include your eyesight but also the shape and style that suit the shape of your face. Some have circular while others have cylindrical and this plays a major role in prescription eyeglasses. The doctor may also prescribe glasses for headache and UV protection. Ask your doctor to provide portability so that you buy the eyeglasses at any store of your preference.
  • Choosing the frame – As aforementioned, along with your lenses, the frame is also very important. It has to fit you well above the ears and the nose. You should not feel like the frames are squeezing you even slightly. They should also not be very heavy on your nose. Even if you feel slight discomfort you should try another frame. Frames are of various types and you’ll easily be able to pick the right one if you try a few.

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If you can afford to have the designer ones, you should definitely go with designer prescription eyeglasses. Designer eyeglasses are highly reliable and if you show them your prescription, they will fit the right lenses accordingly to a perfect frame that fits you well. However, designer eyeglasses are expensive, but rest assured that they are comfortable and durable.

For cheaper options, you may look through online prescription eyeglasses. The Internet has many sellers who sell great eyeglasses at affordable rates. You can choose your favorite frames and make your purchase. While buying online, make sure that you choose sellers who give you a chance to try the glasses on. They let you upload pictures and give various frames a try virtually. This can help you choose with ease.

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  • Choosing the color – Many people do not really bother about the color and end up choosing something that restricts them. It is always recommended that you buy neutral colors so that the glasses look good on you regardless of the occasion and your ensemble. Keep your eye color and skin tone in mind as well while making this choice.
  • The importance of style – While prescription eyeglasses are mainly functional you do not have to look like a geek in them. You can buy excellent styles and make your own style statement with your glasses while quietly being able to see clearly. Thus, while making your purchase make sure you focus on your requirements as well as your fashion style.

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Those days are long gone when wearing prescription eyeglasses was nothing short of a bane. Today, the number of choices and styles available has actually turned things around. You can protect your eyes, correct your vision, and look highly fashionable at the same time provided that you should be very careful on choosing the perfect eyeglasses that fits you well as well as serve your purpose. As mentioned above, there are tips that you need to consider before making a purchase. Also, make sure you clean them regularly so that your vision is not blurred and to avoid eye irritation that can be caused by dirt and bacteria.

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