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Choosing the Proper Welding Gear

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The process in which metals are being fused together by using the help of extreme heat as well as electricity is known as welding. Since welding employs electricity and intense heat, it is imperative that one must know the right and proper welding gear for protection and avoid other harms that can be brought about by electricity and high heat.

It is really essential that one uses proper welding glasses to protect the eyes from dangerous fire sparkles when doing the welding. But it is not only the eyes that need protection when welding. Listed below are the different welding gears and the reasons why it is very important that one uses the proper welding gear to avoid mishaps.

solar power auto darkening welding mask

Proper Welding Gears and their Uses

Wearing the appropriate welding gear will not just make you look good. It is more of an outfit for functional purposes to secure the welder and protect them from any harm that may come from any welding task.

  • Welding glass – This is very essential for the protection of the eyes. Bright light rays and fire sparkles are expected to be all over when one does welding. Your welding glass will protect the eyes from photokeratitis or more commonly known as the welder’s flash. Photokeratitis inflames and damages the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye. Make sure to wear the appropriate glass because a regular eye glass lenses will not do the job.
  • Welding helmet – It is important to protect the head as well as the eyes from flying fire sparkles and too much light. Make sure that you are comfortable with the helmet that you are wearing. It must not be too heavy for you to wear. The helmet’s lenses should not be too dark for you not to see properly what you are doing and must not be too light that may allow light to penetrate inside and damage your eyes.
  • Safety footwear – Getting the proper welding gear in terms of shoes is very crucial because it can help you stay away from foot injury. There are several footwear styles available in the market today that are designed specifically for welding. These shoes are made up of leather that are cut high-top until your ankle that you can wear over a long period of time without making your feet melt.

R.A. welding and engineering company safety shoes and gum boots

There are situations where you have to do a welding task on top of a sky scraper. Your footwear is very important for your safety because one slip can mean life or death.

  • Welding gloves – The right welding gloves are made up of leather because leathers are flame resistant.  The gloves that you wear should also have an extensive cuff towards your elbow.
  • Welding clothing – Choose clothing that is not flammable because it is expected that fire flies all over the place. Make sure that the clothing that you wear covers you entire body to avoid body burns.

high dexterity and flexibility welding gloves


Did you know that there are welding tasks that are done underwater? For this situation, you need to wear only the gear for that specific task. If you are missing one, don’t hesitate to back out or wait for it to be completed. It is not a simple walk in park when you are submerged and playing with fire.

proper welding apparel set

Welding is a dangerous job since it deals with extreme heat. Thus, it is important that you use the proper welding gear to help you get your work done faster and safer. Welding skills is always in demand around the world. If you want to make a career out of it, make sure that you study the proper techniques and the outfit that comes along with the job.

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