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Different Eye Colors at Your Disposal with Colored Contacts

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Some people do not like their natural eye color while others love experimenting with different colors. For such people, colored contacts are highly appealing. Colored lenses can change your eye color without having you go through any painful surgeries. You can also change your eye color at will for a themed party or for a special occasion and retain your natural eye color for professional and formal occasions. However, buying colored lenses is not an easy task. It requires care and understanding because the health of your eyes is at stake.

safety colored lenses for astigmatism

Why Choose Colored Contacts

With colored lenses you have the feasibility of changing your eye color to anything else or simply enhancing your existing eye color. If you have eyesight impairment and would like to wear colored lenses you can skip the eye glass lenses altogether and choose colored lenses according to your prescription. You have normal corrective lenses and you have colored contacts for astigmatism as well. Thus, you can choose your favorite color for your eyes based on your needs. Keep in mind to try out a few colors and shades before you pick the perfect match because some colors may not suit you. For example there are specific colored contacts for brown eyes. Brown is a dark color and wearing something light would not be able to cover up the brown. Thus, you should keep your existing eye color in mind while making a choice.

get a new look with non prescription colored contact lenses

The Prescription

Many people are unaware of this but even those who do not have eyesight impairment should get their eyes checked before buying colored prescription contacts. You may tell the doctor that you are looking for colored lenses and he will write out the prescription accordingly for you. Please note that even though non prescription lenses are easily available online, it is highly advisable that you not be hasty to purchase them. They may cause irritation to your eyes and may even end up damaging them. When you get a prescription you will be able to buy the best lenses that fit your eyes perfectly without causing any itching or redness.

cool colored contacts for dark eyes

The Types

Colored contacts are of 3 types and you can talk to the seller about them. For a dramatic change in your eye color you can choose color tints and to simply enhance your existing eye color you can choose enhancement tints. Each type consists of different shades that you may choose depending on your eye color and the effect you’d like to achieve. Colored lenses may also be categorized based on the patterns. Some lenses have patterns and these can be used for Halloween and other such themed parties.

vassen cherry grey contact lenses


While buying and using lenses is very easy today you have to exercise care not just while buying but also while using them. Contact lenses come with usage instructions that you have to follow to the dot. You should never use the lenses longer than prescribed because that can harm your eyes. Avoid wearing the lenses overnight as it may cause temporary blindness and other eye related irritations. It can potentially damage your cornea and cause visual impairment. When handling, make sure you have clean hands and avoid contaminating the chamber where the lenses are stored. Never reuse the contact lens solution for storing or cleaning the lenses. These are some important considerations when handling both soft and hard contact lenses. It is exciting to have different eye color at your disposal but it must be done responsibly and with great care.

Buy colored contacts according to your preferences and change your appearance without working too hard. Keep in mind the guidelines that your doctor and the optician give so that you are safe from any eye issues caused due to improper use of lenses.

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