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Different Styles Of Eyeglass Holder

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Like its name suggests, eyeglass holder is intended to hold your eyeglasses on your shirt or around your neck when you do not need them. Although the first impression of an eye glass holder is probably an old-fashioned eyeglass chain around the neck that is typically worn by teachers and librarians, eyeglass holder can look highly fashionable. Furthermore, many resemble a piece of jewelry rather than eye glass holders.

cool figurines as eyeglasses holder

Styles Of Eyeglass Holders

There are many different styles of eye glass holders to choose from. Top three most popular choices include:

  • Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

It refers to a type of eyeglass holder which consists of two pieces – one that is worn under the shirt and contains a magnet and one that is worn outside the shirt. The outer piece which features a loop to hold the eyeglasses is kept in place by the magnet under the shirt. It is available in many different styles, designs and colors, and is easily combined with just about every style of clothing. The main advantage of this type of eye glass holder is that it does not damage your clothing which happens sometimes in the case of holders that are attached by a pin.

  • Eyeglass Holder Necklace

Believe it or not but most eye glass holder necklaces do not look anything like the ones you might remember from school. Many look just as fashionable as regular necklaces and are nearly impossible to distinguish from jewelry as long as you do not hang your eyeglasses on them. The offer of eyeglass holder necklace is huge and finding one that meets your taste for style and fashion therefore should not be a problem.

  • Eyeglass Holder Pins

Perhaps the most popular of all types of eye glass holders often looks like a broach or a piece of jewelry rather than an accessory to hang your eyeglasses. Eye glass lenses are popular among people of all ages and both genders due to availability of virtually countless styles, shapes, designs, colors and materials.

jewelry magnetic eyeglass hoder

How To Choose Eyeglass Holder

Which best sunglasses or eye glass holder to choose is completely up to your personal preferences because they all enable you to keep your eyeglasses safe and easily available when not worn. And if chosen carefully, an eyeglass holder can also be used as a fashion accessory. There are, however, a few things you should pay attention to when choosing an eye glass holder other than aesthetic appeal:

rose quartz eyeglass holder necklace

  • Potential damage to your clothing. As already mentioned earlier, eye glass holder that is attached by a pin can cause damage to some types of fabric, especially the most delicate ones. In order to avoid damaging fine clothing, many eyeglass wearers who use the traditional eyeglass holder pins also have an eyeglass necklace or magnetic eyeglass holder.
  • Size of your eyeglass frame. Most types of eye glass holders have a loop where you can hang your eyeglasses. These loops are typically large enough for normal-sized frames. However, if your frame is slightly larger, it is not impossible for the loop to be too small. You are therefore recommended to make sure that the loop is large enough for your eyeglasses before you buy an eye glass holder.
  • Quality. Unfortunately, the quality of eye glass holders varies greatly from one manufacturer to another. Most eye glass holders are relatively inexpensive and the cost of their replacement is negligible. However, you are highly recommended not to make any compromises when it comes to quality as new eyeglasses never come cheap in case they get broken because the chosen eye glass holder was not able hold their weight.

birds eyeglass holder or charm pin

With all these tips and styles to choose from, getting the right eyeglass holder to suit your needs will be easy and will save you money from damaged eyeglasses in the long run.

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