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DIY Eyeglass Repair Tips

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Eyeglasses have become very common because the cases of imperfect eyesight are growing by the day. You have many different styles and types to pick from based on your needs as well as your preferences. Besides corrective glasses you also have glasses that protect eyes from UV rays, dust, chemicals, fumes, and headaches. No matter what type of eyeglasses you may need, there is no denying that they are delicate and quite easily damaged. At any point of time, the frame may bend, the lens may scratch, or you may miss a screw. Sadly, eyeglass repair can be quite expensive depending on your frames. To save some money and hassle you may do it yourself.

how to repair a broken eyeglass frame

Types of Eyeglass Repair

  • Eyeglass scratch repair – This is the most common problem with eyeglasses. The eye glass lenses can easily be scratched and vision may be affected due to these scratches. You don’t need to buy new lenses due to scratches. You can easily get rid of them yourself with the help of a few DIY steps. You need white toothpaste, which contains no whitener and a cotton swab if you have glass lenses. Simply take a drop of the paste and place it on the scratches using the swab. Let it rest for a few minutes before washing it off. Wipe the lenses using a lens cloth. Do not use a regular towel or rag because these are rough and can cause more scratches. If you have plastic lenses, you will have to buy an etching cream to get rid of the scratches.

super glue effective eyeglass repair

  • Eyeglass frame repair – Frames may either bend or break. Either case, it is advisable that you go to the optician and have him/her fix it for you. This is because trying to repair your glasses yourself can cause more damage. For example, meddling with bent frames can cause them to break altogether or bend even more. Broken frames cannot be repaired because you need to solder the metal. As a temporary fix you may tape the frames but that may not be comfortable or appealing.Do not attempt soldering until and unless you are experienced. There are some metal frames also that are coated with plastics and it is hard to fix them and soldering them can burn the plastic coating and it can’t be repaired anymore.

how to remove scratches from eyeglasses

  • Eyeglass repair in case of missing parts – Loss of screw(s) is quite common. If this happens to you, you may try using another screw or you may use a wire and pliers to fix it. However, you should know that there are special kits for eyeglass repair partsthat are easily available in the market. These kits contain screws, cloths for cleaning, and screwdrivers as well. Nose pads are also included. With these kits you will be able to repair your eyeglasses with ease. You can also go to the store where you bought your glasses or optician to seek advice where to get the missing screws of your frame. They might even give you some tips and advice on how to fix them yourself.

emergency DIY sunglasses repair kit


There are a few eyeglass repairtricks that you can use and when required but if you are not confident or if the problem is quite significant, it is recommended that you choose a good eyeglass shop for repairs. There are some shops that may also fix bent frames for free or provide free nose pads. Only when the issue is dire do they charge a lot of money. To be on the safe side, always have an additional pair of eyeglasses so that you are able to use them when your first pair is being repaired.

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