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Essential Welding Safety Tips

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Welding is a technique that was used by jewelers in making jewelry during the 19thcentury. During those times, they used oxygen and hydrogen to weld the metals. Today, equipment used in welding has changed. It uses the mixture of oxygen and acetylene that can generate extreme flames of up to 6000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Thus, it is important that you know some welding safety tips to ensure that you will be doing the job much safer and faster.

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Useful Tips for Your Welding Tasks

Welding in a basic point of view is straightforward. You join the materials side by side and seal or attach them firmly with a welding material known as a welding rod. However, a lot can go wrong if you do not follow all the safety precautions when doing the job. There are risks involved that can be fatal to the person which is why a certificate is needed before a person can take part in a welding task. You can find below some useful welding safety tips that you can follow to ensure your protection.

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  • Never do welding without wearing the right glasses for welding. Always make sure that you are protected by the special welding goggles to protect your eyes from the fumes, and fire splatter that may cause damage to the eye cornea and conjunctiva. Some people ignore wearing one if the welding task is small, however, you have to understand that your eye glass lenses will not protect you from your constant exposure regardless if it is a big or small task.
  • Use leather gloves that are extended until your elbow. Do not go welding without a pair of leather gloves. The fire sparkles can burn your hands and the heat is too much for your hands to handle.
  • Use protective footwear. Care for your feet as much as you care for your hands when doing a welding task. There is no other direction that these sparkles will fall but down to your feet.

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  • One of the tips that are sometimes being ignored by many is the wearing of welding helmet. Many think that because, they are wearing welding glasses there is no need to wear a helmet. That should not be the case.  Since fire splatters all over the place, the possibility of it landing on your hair is high and we all know that hair is highly flammable and you do not want any mishap. Welding helmets also helps you protect your eyes if you choose the right one.
  • Wear the right welding clothes. There are welding clothes that are easily available in the market. These clothes are specially designed to cover your whole body and protect your body from getting burned from those flying flames. Never do any welding without wearing it.
  • The most important of all welding safety tips is to always pay attention to what you are doing. You can always hear this tip from the more experience welders. They know for sure that if you will take off your eyes from what you are doing you are actually courting dangerStay focused; concentrate on what you are doing. Always put yourself in the safe side when welding.

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Welding though considered by some as one of the dangerous professions is actually fun.  There is no use to get yourself intimidated if you like welding and you have the skills to get the works done.  Everything can be controlled and what you only need to do is make sure that you follow these welding safety tips. Remember, it is much better that you take caution now than be sorry later.

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