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Explaining Photochromic Lenses

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Lenses that change color depending on conditions are broadly termed as photochromic lenses. They are clear in normal circumstances but when exposed to UV light they automatically become tinted and double as sunglasses. These lenses have come as a blessing for people who wear normal eye glass lenses because until this creation they were not able to protect themselves from the harmful radiations of the sun. These lenses help correct vision and protect your eyes at the same time.

shiny black serengeti cortino photochromic glass

About Photochromic Lenses

In terms of construction, these lenses are normally crafted from stiffmaterials such as polycarbonate, glass and other kinds of plastic. These materials are then embedded with millions of silver halides, which is responsible for the shading or tinting effect.Out of all the silver halides, silver chloride is the most used chemical.

When these particles are exposed to visible light, they develop a transparent shade. When brought under the sun, on the other hand, these chemicals go through a process where they change in shape and take some of the visible light from the environment.As a result, the lenses change into darker color. By eliminating strong sun exposure, the process is reversed and hence, all kinds of artificial lights can once again pass through.

serengeti napoli polarized photochromic glass lenses

Photochromic Lenses Pros and Cons

These lenses are corrective as well as protective. They will help you stay safe from the sun when you are outside and they will correct your vision at the same time. Once you are out of the sun, the lenses will slowly become clear, adjusting to your surroundings automatically. Thus, they are highly convenient and you don’t have to invest in a second pair of glasses or sunglasses. They work for both purposes and are very handy, which is why they are very popular today.

As aforementioned, these lenses are highly acclaimed by many users due to their convenient and protective benefits. There are a few cons, though. One of them is that sometimes, the lenses may not be totally clear even though you are indoors. Also, the lenses may not get tinted if you are in your car. Another concern is the cost. These lenses are quite expensive but when you combine the cost of regular glasses and sunglasses, you will see that these lenses are a better choice.

clear presciption lenses for glasses

Buying Photochromic Lenses

  • You have to learn about the various types of lenses available in this category so that you choose the best photochromic lenses according to your requirements. The material used varies in different types of lenses and as a result, the level of protection from UV rays also varies. It is always ideal to choose lenses that offer maximum protection from glare and UV rays.
  • Buy only good quality lenses so that they adjust to light changes automatically and quickly. The best quality lenses will be very quick to adjust, eliminating delay. Also, always buy photochromic contact lenses that meet the set requirements and standards.
  • Try various tints before finalizing. Clear glasses are fine but a different tint can help you see well because contrast will greatly be reduced. However, the tint is completely your choice.
  • Make sure you buy lenses that come with additional features as well such as impact resistance, shatter resistance, more safety, and style. Such features are easily available today.

80s vintage glass photochromic lens


Photochromic lenses are an ideal choice because they are highly convenient and functional. You can easily buy stylish frames and lenses with additional properties so that you protect your eyes completely and see clearly even in the sun. You can make your purchase online or offline depending upon your preferences. Talking to the doctor and getting your eyes checked before making your purchase is also advisable.

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