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Features And Benefits Of Welding Glasses

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Welding glasses are an essential and affordable part of welding safety gear. These glasses provide protection from light during the welding process while also shielding the eyes from debris. While they are available in shades ranging from 3 to 7 through most vendors, shade 5 is recommended for most projects due to their easy transition between working and movement.

These glasses are ideal for gas welding but should be complimented with a welding helmet for arc welding as the spectrum emitted contains higher amounts of UV light. Welding eyewear, welding goggles and welding helmets are easy to find both on the Internet and at hardware and welding supply stores.

pyramex leadhead green welding goggle with stationary shade 5 welding lens

Buying Tips

When choosing the ideal pair of welding safety glasses, there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips make finding the best welding glasses for your needs a simple process:

  • Materials – Most welding eyewear is made from a lightweight composite. This helps to provide a comfortable fit that you will barely notice. Lenses are also available using shatterproof glass. However, these models are often substantially more expensive than composite models. Frames are often made from plastic or aluminum.
  • Design – The best glasses for welding feature lenses with a curved design for maximum coverage. Look for a lens curvature of approximately 10 inches for the best coverage. This protects your peripheral site and face without requiring bulky lenses or frames. Other features include spring-loaded hinges for sizing and comfort, straps to keep the glasses affixed during movement and flip up lenses for easy transition between welding and moving.
  • Shade Rating – The lightest lens that should be considered for welding is three. This will work well for most gas welding. If you do not mind the darker appearance, welding glasses shade 5 are recommended in most cases. If you are arc welding, you should consider glasses or a helmet rated between 10 and 12 for proper protection. This will ensure your eyes are safe from harmful thermal and UV radiation while welding.

smith and wesson magnum safety glasses with clear lens

Welding Glasses Manufacturers

Top rated manufacturers include:

  • Pyramex
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Grobet
  • Wildcat
  • Safety Tips

speedway safety mask for welding

Welding Safety Tips

When it comes to welding safety, they are one of the most essential items. Whether you are using vintage welding glasses or modern composite glasses, practicing proper welding safety will help to reduce injuries and burns. These tips will help you weld with safety:

  • Always ensure your glasses or hood is down before starting a weld. It is easy to forget to flip down your glasses between welds. This can result in eye injuries and burns within seconds.
  • Make sure that the hood or the protective covering is easily moved. There are times where you have to remove the covering and the last thing you need is a stuck covering and you’re running blind in different directions. Their lenses are way different from your regular eye glass lenses.
  • Use welding gloves or sleeves. Regardless of the type of welding, there will always be sparks and debris. These items will prevent burns to your arms and hands during the welding process. The best gloves are made from heavy leather or Kevlar.
  • Pair your gloves with the right pair of welding boots. Your feet are just as vulnerable as your hands when working on a welding task so make sure you protect them all the time.

wildcat cutting welding shade

Never operate heavy machinery or vehicles while wearing your glasses for welding. The tint on welding glasses is darker than most sunglasses. This can create obstructions to your vision during rapid movement or complex actions. Always practice these safety tips and you’re sure to be more protected when doing these types of work.

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