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How to Choose the Best Purple Contacts

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Colored contact lenses have become a rage. The ability to change your eye color temporarily without going through tedious processes seems to appeal to the masses. This is the reason why even people who do not need to wear prescription contact lenses are choosing colored lenses without prescription. These are a hit not just among those who would like to experiment with their eye color for a change but also for those who would like to stand apart during Halloween and other theme parties. While green and blue are conventional choices, there are the vibrant purple contacts that can change your entire appearance in seconds.

Colored contact lenses are now a fashion statement rather than protecting eyes from harmful dust or for faulty vision correction. Both men and women are wearing them to achieve their desired look. Because of the recent demand, they are widely available in the market today.

violet glamour contact lenses

About Purple Eye Contacts

Due to the increase in demand, today you can find contact lenses in all shapes and colors. Within purple as well you will find different hues to pick from, which can end up being very tricky because the choices are many and deciding one is quite difficult. Understanding your needs and preferences, and taking advice from your doctor before choosing purple contactsis, thus, advisable.

how to wear a purple contact lenses

Tips WhenChoosing the Best Purple Colored Contacts

  • Get your eyes checked by an eye doctor regardless of whether you need eye glass lenses or not.This is important because you may be detected with eye conditions other than eyesight impairment. Some of you (this is very rare but possible) may have certain eye conditions, which may not allow you to wear contact lenses. However, colored contact lenses are seldom prescribed by eye doctors to people with faulty vision. Generally, colorless contacts are often prescribed by doctors to correct eyesight problems. Some others may require cylindrical contacts as opposed to spherical in one or both eyes. Your specific requirements will help you buy the best contact lenses so that you enjoy the vibrant color change while ensuring no damage to your eyes at the same time.

natural purple contact lense

  • Now is the time to check the various shades of purple contactsavailable. Since you have numerous shades you may find it hard to pick the best. Thus, the best thing to do would be to try a few colors at the doctor’s office and ask him/her for advice if what color is best for your eye color or your needs and on how different shades look on you. For example, the shade for purple contacts for brown eyeshas to be dark to cover the brown color. Note here that dark eye colors cannot be overshadowed completely. Keeping that in mind you may pick the right hue or shade. If you are buying prescription lenses, buying from the doctor is ideal. Otherwise, you can simply decide on the shade and make your purchase elsewhere according to your preferences.
  • If you are looking for cheaper options, the Internet is the best place. There are several online stores that sell cheaper contacts or give big discounts for quality contact lenses. However, make sure you choose a reputed seller to ensure eye safety.
  • For themed parties such as Halloween you can buy contact lenses with special effects as well. Frog eyes and cat eyes are very popular. Such types of contacts are usually easily available at costume stores.

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Buying purple contactsfor a party or just for a change in appearance is an excellent idea as long as you choose the right shade depending upon the natural color of your eyes. Also, do not attempt to make a purchase before a thorough eye examination.

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