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How To Clean Eyeglasses

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Many people wear eye glasses today and the fact that they are so common and with the availability of easily accessible cheap sunglasses and eye glasses have led to them being taken lightly because of the abundance of supply in the market.

Some people don’t take proper care of their glasses at all. They think that wiping out their glasses with any type of cloth is okay and that would do the trick of maintaining eyeglasses. If you are fond of cheap products, you would not hesitate to do it just regularly but when you have a slightly expensive and more valuable pair of eye glasses, you would want to maintain its pristine condition by following doctor’s instructions in maintaining them.

best way to clean your eyeglasses

It is very easy to damage your glasses and shatter them and thus it is important to make sure you take proper care of them. Cleaning them is another aspect that people are very careless about. Not cleaning your eyeglasses or cleaning them with rough cloth can damage your glasses as well as impair your vision further. Eye glasses are meant to protect your eyes and to help you see clearly. Unless the lenses are clean, you will not be able to see well. Thus you should know how to clean eyeglasses first.

cleaning your eyeglasses guideline

Helpful Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips on how to clean eyeglasses that will be helpful:

  • Use only a microfiber cloth to clean your lenses.
  • You should never use normal tissues because they consist of wooden fibres. These fibres can easily cause scratches.
  • Use water to clean your lenses. Many people are not aware that taking time in rinsing the lenses with water is a very effective method in how to clean eyeglasses. Alcohol based water is the best. Some dish washing detergent added to water will also work well. Soap water is another option.
  • Coated lenses should not be soaked overnight in the given solution. The special coating will be weakened and it will eventually come off otherwise.
  • The worst thing you could do is use a rag to clean or wipe your eye glass lenses. A rag is a very rough piece of cloth and the fibres can really damage the lenses, causing numerous scratches. Use micro fiber fabrics that have very soft texture and wont damage the lenses of the glasses. There are also fabrics best for protecting surfaces such as the flannel fabric.

tips for cleaning and repairing eyeglasses

Eyeglass Holder for Extra Protection

Make sure the eyeglass holder is strong and hard enough to protect your lenses. Always place the glass in the holder when not in use. Never place your glasses in a way that the lenses are in contact with the surface. This could lead to additional, unwanted scratches.

The market has many eyeglasses cleaning kits that you could purchase. Instructions on the leaflet will tell you how to maintain eye glassesproperly. You should choose only a good quality kit so that the solution is the right one and it lasts longer.

tool needed for cleaning and repairing eyewears

You only need to be a little careful in order to clean your eyeglasses and make sure they are protected and safe. Remember that most of you are blind without them and your eyes are protected by them. Give some of that protection back and learn how to clean eyeglasses effectively. Your set of eye glasses will last longer and you could save much more if you take care of them properly and maintain its pristine condition while its new. You will get your money’s worth in buying those glasses and you will also enjoy a full bright vision when you have properly  maintained them well enough.

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