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Learning about Horn Rimmed Glasses

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Imperfect eyesight has sadly become very common and the need for corrective eye glass lenses has drastically increased. At some point of time or the other many people have to start wearing glasses. Back in time due to limited options and designs, people loathed wearing glasses. They were heavy, unappealing, and uncomfortable as well. However, times have changed and today, you have several options to pick from. This flexibility will allow you to wear corrective glasses while looking great at the same time. All styles are also very comfortable. It is advisable to look at some styles such as horn rimmed glassesand check what suits you the best.

vintage black horn rimmed eyeglasses

Why Choose Horn Rimmed Glasses

These glasses are among the most common styles. They originated back in the 1950s and were almost universal for more than 2 decades. After that, even though other styles became popular, these glasses remained the most common.

  • These glasses standout from the rest in having very thick frames, which are sturdy and fashionable for both men and women of all ages.
  • One point to note here is that even though the older generation wears them more commonly, innovationssuch as new colors and designs have popularized them among the youth as well. Today you will see even teenagers sporting these glasses because they are now considered very cool and stylish.
  • They are also durable because they have thick frames. They can be easily broken because the frames are made of thick and lightweight materials.

retro horn rimmed glasses

Tips When Choosing Horn Rimmed Glasses

  • The market has separate women’s and mens horn rimmed glasses. It is important to stick to your gender to ensure that you look intellectually stylish in these glasses.
  • You can find all types of glasses in this variety as well including horn rimmed reading glasses, myopic glasses, and bifocals. Depending on your prescription you may make the choice without worrying. However, it is important that you get your eyes checked by a licensed and reputed eye doctor and buy the eyeglass lenses according to his advice. It is highly advisable to have your eyes check especially if you have some eye problems to make sure that you get the right lenses and to avoid later complications.
  • Regardless of your choice you should select the right frame of glasses based on how they look on you and right size suitable to your face whether you are comfortable. This is why you should try a few frames and then select the best. While the frames are available in many colors, black horn rimmed glassesare ideal because black is a versatile color and suits everyone with ease. Buying other bold and bright colors may not work in your favor because your options may be limited. Also, wearing such colors in formal settings may not be considered appropriate. Thus, black glasses are an ideal choice.

mackenzie childs horn rimmed reading glasses

Tips of Where to Buy Horn Rimmed Glasses

  • Since these glasses are extremely famous you will find them with utmost ease in optical stores and online as well. Make sure that you buy from a reputable seller online.
  • You can also have an eye doctor prescribe you a correction eye glasses and ask for a recommendation of where to buy quality ones at a cheaper price.
  • You simply have to ensure that the quality of the frames as well as the lenses is top notch so that the glasses look great on you while correcting your vision at the same time.

contemporary mens horn rimmed glasses


Out of the many styles in the market, horn rimmed eye glasses are preferable for those who are looking for stylish and intellectual options. These glasses are reliable and durable as well, which means they are more likely to last long without being damaged. You simply have to be sure about the quality when you make your purchase.

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