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Popular Styles of Mens Eyeglasses

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These days there are numerous mens eyeglasses to choose from and this choice generally leads to confusion because men usually are not meticulous as women when it comes to making a choice from the numerous mens eyeglasses stylesavailable in the market. Understanding the various options and their pros and cons will help you what to choose and how.

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Before you get started, though, you should have a licensed eye doctor examine your eyes so that you know what type of eye glass lenses is perfect for your needs such as reading glass lenses. In some case, the doctor will prescribe the type of eyeglass lenses if you have impaired vision to correct your eyesight. Once you are sure about that you can set out to understand the various frames.

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Various Styles of Eyeglasses for Men

  • Rimless styles – Rimless mens eyeglassesdo not have a frame or rather the frame is very thin and almost invisible. In place of the frame you may see a transparent wire holding the lenses. These styles are more on the delicate side and need to be taken care of. You have various shapes such as oval and rectangular in this category and you may choose the style that suits your face. Buy these frames only if you are sure you won’t damage them during use.
  • Rimmed styles – Horn rimmed styles and regular styles are quite popular. This is a classic style and still men and women use them to add some sophistication to their looks. These give you a nice, bookish look and many men find this look fashionable as well. If such frames suit you, you should definitely buy these types of eyeglasses. These types of glasses are durable and reliable because their frames are thick and could not break easily.

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  • Aviators – These mens eyeglassesare a rage today. They were once worn by the military but they have become extremely popular among common people as well, making them the most famous mens eyeglasses frames. These glasses are generally large and rectangular but with rounded corners. They may be made out of metals such as stainless steel or aluminum and painted with gold and black to make them stand out. While most lenses are tinted with one color, there are others that are dually tinted, which means they have two colors. These glasses are more on the sporty side and suit almost all men. Owning a pair of aviators will make you a hit. If you are looking for sunglasses this is the style you should go for. You will not have corrective eyeglass options in these styles because they are more towards the fashionable side. However, they are highly protective and reliable.
  • Plastic styles – Plastic is a great choice because it is easy to use, comfortable and fashionable. It is also highly affordable, which is why many people prefer it. If you have a tight budget, these glasses will be the best choice for you. They are available in different colors such as white, green red and more depending on your preferences and style. They are commonly use during summer and perfectly paired with colorful summer outfits. Horn rimmed glasses are usually made with plastic.
  • Titanium styles – Almost all mens designer eyeglassesare made out of titanium because this material is considered to be the best. It has numerous excellent properties including durability and resistance to corrosion. It is also very lightweight. If you can afford designer wear you should definitely go with these eyeglasses.

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You have plenty of styles of mens eyeglassesand there is no reason to compromise. Simply try a few different styles and colors within your budget and then make an informed decision accordingly.

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