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Purchasing Prescription Glasses and Taking Care of Them

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It is important to ensure that your prescription glasses are perfect in order to be able to see clearly and properly. Carelessness in this regard can cost you heavily mainly because these glasses are corrective. Prescription eye glasses are prescribed for people who have faulty vision and cannot see near and/or far objects clearly.

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Tips on How to Ensure Clear Vision

Once you obtain the prescription from the doctor, there are a few things that you should do in order to ensure clear vision.

  • Choosing a good doctor- The eye doctor must be reputed and experienced. Make sure you research the doctor and understand his/her work so that you are sure that you can trust him/her.  You can also ask some friends, relatives and co-workers if they can recommend a reputed eye doctor who has the same eye problem as yours. Get your eyes checked and have the doctor write the prescription out for you. At this time, it would be advisable to ask the doctor to write a portable prescription so that you have the flexibility of choosing the shop or store to purchase the prescribed glasses.

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  • Choosing the eye glass lenses and frames – After you have your eyes checked you can proceed to find the perfect lenses and frames depending on your needs. Remember that the lenses for myopia are different from those of hyperopia. Similarly, there are bifocals. There are also other options such as special prescription sports glassesfor sportspeople who have an eyesight problem. These glasses are built to be comfortable and easy to use even while playing sports. Prescription shooting glassesare meant especially for shooters. These glasses are heavy duty and highly reliable. Both these types are usually shatter proof. There are also work glasses manufactured for those working in laboratories and the welding industry. If you wish to, you can also have prescription glasses with UV protection.

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The frame is your choice and you can pick based on your preferences. A few things to keep in mind while selecting the frame include the shape of your face, especially the width. Make sure you wear a number of different frames and check the comfort level above your ears and on your nose so that you understand which one fits you the best. Trying the glasses on is very important because glasses are of various sizes and can vary in size largely. The right one for you will depend on numerous factors. Once you like the frame you can choose from the available colors. The color should ideally complement your skin tone. To be on the safe side you may choose plastic frames. There are also metal frames but you won’t really have color options in this category.Designer prescription glassesare usually available in a wide range of choices but they are also quite expensive.

  • Cleaning prescription glasses – To ensure clear vision it is important to take good care of your glasses and to wipe out scratches, if any. Lens cleaners and lens cloths are easily available at eye stores. You can make your purchase and use these to clean your glasses. Please keep in mind that the lens can be delicate and you should not use rags or rough towels to clean them. Using such items can cause even more scratches on the lens. Clean the lenses in circular motion and put the glasses aside for drying.

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Prescription glasses are a great creation and you have plenty of options, today, not just to be able to see things properly but also to protect your eyes from debris, UV rays, and dust. Choose wisely.

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