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The Popularity of Aviator Sunglasses

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Aviator sunglasses are very popular because of their unique shapes and the fact that they look good on everyone. It can be found from remarkable brands such as RayBan. These sunglasses have been around for some time now and everyone loves them. The reason why these sunglasses are so popular is because of their brilliant structure and the fact that some frames are polarized. There is no doubt that these sunglasses have their fair share of celebrity fans and they have been hugely popularized by some of these icons. Here are some features that people tend to look for in a pair of sunglasses:

popular ray ban aviator sunglass

Variety of Frame Colors

Many brands in the market offer a variety of frame colors for sunglasses. From pink to blue and other colors such as black, grey and brown, you can almost find aviator sunglasses in any color. The lens colors are also as diverse and everyone is bound to find their match. One can ask for help if they are not really sure which color and style suits them.

  • Polarized Frames

These kinds of frames are very popular mainly because it is so hard to break them and they are amazingly durable. Aside from that, they are very flexible and they do not cause marks even if the wearer has worn the glasses for a long time. Polarized aviator sunglasses frames can be found in materials such as metal, titanium and even plastic frames. They even have sunglass straps to keep them in place.

  • Plenty of Frame Styles

Apart from the aviator style, sunglasses come in plenty of designs and shapes. The most popular are of course the conventional wayfarer frames. There are round ones, oval, rectangular and square and many other shapes with some ornaments and embedded details on them such as diamonds. Aviator sunglasses are also one of the popular choices.

polarized ray ban aviator sunglasses

  • Lens Type

There are plenty of lens types with mirror lenses, adaptive lens and interchangeable lens. The more popular are the technical names like B15XLT and G15 XLT lenses from RayBan that are quite popular with the celebrities. They never go out of fashion and they can be modified in so many ways to come out unique and sensational.

  • Prices

The greatest thing about sunglasses is that they have everything for everyone. Even if you are on a budget and you desire a nice pair of sunglasses, you will surely get them. There are so many high-street brands available in shops, which are affordable. Be sure to choose only original ones for good quality.

polarized aviator sunglass

Celebrities Who Love Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

RayBan aviator sunglasses for men are very popular in Hollywood and beyond. There is no doubt that Zachary Quinto loves them. So do Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp as they are seen almost everytime. Even women celebrities love them. In the film Eat, Pray and Love, Julia Roberts liberally wears RayBan aviators. Jessica Alba, Sharon Stone, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie all love Ray Ban sunglasses. Even supermodel Kate Moss constantly steps out with Ray Ban aviators.

This has led to a revelation that these glasses are one of the most sought after status symbol today. If you are seen wearing one, it means that you know your brand and you have a great taste for accessories.

gucci leather frame aviator sunglass

So what are you waiting for? Jump in to the bandwagon and wear one now! It’s not like you’re going to look hideous in these. Aviator sunglasses will surely enhance your outfit for the day. They surely have the best eye glass lenses in the business and only rivaled by a few.

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