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Tips And Tricks In Cleaning Sunglasses

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Wearing of sunglasses serves two purposes. It acts as visual support and fashion symbol. Sunglasses can protect the eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. In buying sunglasses it is important that you choose the one that enhances your looks. Opt for the one that can give you an elegant look so that you can enjoy both the benefit of being protected and being fashionable. Since sunglasses serves dual purpose, it is imperative that you know some tricks on cleaning sunglasses to make it last longer.

tips on cleaning polarized sunglasses

Always Clean Your Sunglasses

The importance of sunglasses is undeniable. It is your only chance to properly see on a bright and scorching day at the beach. It is also a great protective gear for bikers while they zoom across expressways. In reality, the eye glass lenses of this particular eyewear have features that can make your visual better and unhindered against the heat and glare of the sun. Below are some helpful tips and tricks in making your sunglasses clean;

  • The lenses of the sunglasses must be rinse with clean water. Use only mild soap. Do not ever attempt to use anti-bacterial soap to clean the lenses because it will leave a film that can lead to several scratches. Those lenses that are coated need a special cleaner to coat the lens and protect the surface of the lens.
  • When cleaning sunglasses, it is recommended that you use your index finger and thumb to clean it gently and thoroughly. Never rub hard on the lenses to prevent it from getting scratch.
  • Do not use a glass cleaner in cleaning sunglasses. It contains ammonia which can damage the anti-fog properties of the sunglasses. What you can do instead is to mix 3/4 water to 1/4 isopropyl in a spray bottle and use it to spray and clean the lenses of the sunglasses.

microfiber glasses cleaning cloth

  • Wiping the sunglasses with clean soft cloth to make it dry is a good thing to do but never use harsh or rough cloth or else your sunglasses lenses will be scratched.
  • When you are not using your sunglasses, put it in the sunglasses case so that it can be protected from dust and any possible damageNever leave your sunglasses in an area where there is excessive heat like the car.  Heat can damage the lenses coatings that can make the vision unclear.

maui jim sunglasses cleaner kit

Sunglasses, especially the designer ones, are pricey thus making it last longer. A long lasting sunglasses is what every person wants.  By following the above mentioned tips and cleaning sunglasses the proper way, you can be assured that your sunglasses will stay useful and scratch free for several years. To fully enjoy the sunglasses and show your stylish side, wear it with sunglass straps. It comes with different colors, shapes and made from different materials. Find the right sunglasses straps that fit your style and become comfortably free with your sunglasses.

how to take good care of designer sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the harsh heat of the sun and show your stylish side with elegance by wearing the right sunglasses that enhances your personality. But never forget that cleaning sunglasses is a very important factor that can make you a stylish diva for a long time. It is an investment that only requires a few minutes of your time but can serve you for the rest of the day. Life is a whole lot different when you are out there trying to clearly see something because the daylight is unfriendly and can barely make you stand up straight. You can say goodbye to beach volleyball, Frisbee and other awesome water sports in the beach.

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