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Tips for Choosing Colored Contacts for Dark Eyes

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There was a time when contact lenses were solely functional. Today, they are used for many purposes including beauty. Many men and women wear colored contact lenses as their beauty accessories even though they do not have impaired vision. There are many colored lenses available in the market today such as colored contacts for dark eyes as well as for light eyes. This is mainly because they are either not satisfied with their current eye color or because they would like to experiment with other eye colors for a change.

tips in choosing colored contacts for dark eyes

Tips to Consider When Looking for Colored Contact Lenses

The right colored contacts for you will depend on your natural eye color. Some have dark eyes and some have light eyes. If you are looking for colored contacts for dark eyes,following are the considerations that you should preferably make:

  • The first step would be to carefully assess your eyes. Look very closely into the mirror and analyze the color. This is very important because it will help you choose the best colored contacts for dark eyes. Some dark eyes may be dual colored. For example, brown eyes may have a tinge of gold. Some others may have a tinge of blue. Thoroughly understanding your eye color will help you make a better choice.

choose the best colored contact lense for your dark eyes

  • Now you have to decide on the type of change you’d like to bring to your eyes. While there are many colored contacts for dark eyes, you should note that you couldn’t totally change the color of your eyes to something very light. Hence, choosing the final effect is advisable.
  • Regardless of whether you choose colored contacts for dark brown eyes or dark green eyes you should talk to the doctornot just to choose the perfect color for your eyes rather to make sure that it will help protect your eyes or correct vision if you have faulty visions. This is especially important if you are looking for prescription colored contacts for dark eyes. Tell your doctor specifically that you want colored contact lenses. He will check your eyes and write down the prescription not just for eye glass lenses but also for contact lenses. He will include additional details about the shape so that you buy the right ones with ease. Ask him for a second opinion about the right color and he will be happy to help you in that regard as well.

cheap and recommended colored contacts for dark eyes

Contact Lenses and Maintenance and Using Tips

If you have never worn colored contacts for dark eyesbefore it is advisable that you ask the doctor to help you. Doctors have trial contact lenses that you can use for free. The doctor will tell you how to wear them and will allow you to try a couple of time of times until you are confident that you will be able to do it yourself later on.

  • During purchase the doctor will also tell you about maintenance. Keep in mind that soft lenses are very delicate and need to be cleaned everyday whether or not you wear them.
  • Also, you should never use them while sleeping, you have to remove them.
  • Before wearing your contact lenses make sure that you clean them to make sure your eyes are safe from dirt to avoid eye irritation.
  • Buy disposable contacts if maintenance seems difficult to you but do not risk damaging your eyes at any point of time.

appropriate colored contacts for dark eyes


Colored contacts for dark eyescan be fun because they can change your appearance without effort. You can experiment with them as long as you are careful not to let them damage your eyes.

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