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Tips to Choosing the Right Mens Glasses

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Back in time, mens glasses were very boring. There was only one variety of mens glasses framesand they were round, more like bottle caps and the most common color of the frames is black. Things have thankfully changed now and men have a plethora of options to pick from. Thus, today, men’s eye glass lenses are not justfunctional but also very stylish.

alumni optical quality reading glasses with aluminum frame

You can easily pick your favorite based on your requirements as well as your interests. However, there is the need to look at a number of factors before picking the perfect frames. This is because you will always be wearing them and they have to complement your face, your skin tone, and your wardrobe as well. They must also be in sync with what you do. For example, students can buy fun styles but working professionals should buy glasses that are more corporate.

scojo mens reading glass

Tips When Buying Eyeglasses for Men

Listed below are a few tips to buying mens glassesso that you choose the best with ease:

  • The first step would, of course, be to have your eyes checked by a reputed eye doctor. If your eyes are not impaired and you’d just like to wear glasses for fashion purposes, it is advisable that you let your doctor know that. Once you get the prescription, you may shop. However, if you have impaired vision, still you have to have your eye doctor check your eyes and let him decide what eye glass is perfect to correct your vision as well as protect your eyes. Your doctor will prescribe the eye glasses for your eyes as well as where you can buy them
  • When you look through shops you will be able to see many mens glasses styles. For example, there will an entire range of mens reading glassesand another range of myopia-correcting glasses. Styles for bifocals are also separate. Depending on what you need, you may narrow your search down. Think of your build while making a choice as well. For example, men who have a smaller frame can choose wire frames or rimless frames while taller men can go for thick frames so that the features are balanced out.

mens cool eye glasses

  • When it comes to color, choosing neutral colors is the best because a neutral color such as black would look good on all days with all types of clothing. Choosing bold colors may restrict you. However, you also have the option of considering the color of your eyes while making a choice.
  • Considering your face shape is also important. If you have a strong jawline, choose circular frames. If you have a heart shaped face, oval frames will suit you the best. Oval frames also suit those with round faces. On the other hand, if you have an oval shaped face, you may buy rectangular frames.
  • Sometimes, choosing can prove to be very difficult, which is why taking a trusted friend along is desirable. You may try various options and ask for a second opinion. If you are still not able to make a choice, the doctor will be able to help you. He will enable you to choose mens glassesthat are not only well fitting but also comfortable and attractive.

clark kent mens reading glass


With so many options of mens glasseschoosing can indeed be painstaking but if you know what you are looking for, things will be much easier and quicker. Look for glasses that will best serve your needs and the perfect style that will best your face shape and skin tone. Regardless of your preferences, remember to invest only in good quality frames and lenses so that they are reliable and comfortable.

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