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Tips to Taking Eye Exams

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Whether or not you feel the need to take an eye exam, you should go for it. Regular eye exams will help you ensure that your eyes are healthy and ifthe eye doctorcan detect problems at the early stage, you can be sure that it will treated early before it get severe.

Eye problems can start at any age and may be related to other diseases such as diabetes.There are also eye problems like impaired vision that can be corrected by wearing eye contact lenses or eyeglasses prescribed by an eye doctor. Therefore, having your vision checked and keeping in touch with an eye doctor will help you avoid more complicated eye problems.

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The Importance of Eye Exams

Day after day incidences of defected vision are increasing and you never know when you might find that your vision is impaired. It may be during childhood or it may be during old age. At different stages of life, there are different things to be aware of. You can never rule out the possibility of vision issues at any stage. When it comes to the eyes you have to be prepared right from the beginning so that you don’t face serious problems later on. Experts thus advise that you take exams once a year.

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Tips When Taking Eye Exams

  • To start off with you should be prepared. If you think the exam is beyond your budget you may look for low cost eye exams. There are also free eye examsthat you could search for such as Medicaid, which provides free exams for children and InfantSEE, which provides free exams for infants.
  • There are also similar programs as for adults and senior citizens as well. You could also talk to your vision insurance company and see if they will take care of the expenses for you. If yes, you should carry the insurance card.

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  • If you already wear glasses or contacts you should carry the prescription for the contacts or eye glass lenses with you. Carry information about medicines that you are using as well. While talking to the doctor, be very honest. The eye doctor may question you about your medical history, the medicines you are taking, and eye problems (if any). Your medical history, eye problems and prescribed medicines will enable the doctor to help you improve your vision.
  • When the test starts it is important that you stay still and follow all the instructions that he gives you. Once you look into the phoroptor, he will ask you what you see. Answer exactly what you see and how you feel (clear or blur). This will help the doctor conduct the eye exam easily.
  • The eye doctor may recommend further exams if you your eye problems have become more complicated, will prescribe eye drops, contact lenses or eye glasses to correct vision or protect your eyes, or prescribe medicines based on the exam results.

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It is easy to take eye examsas long as you are honest. If you are doubtful, you can communicate that to the doctor and he will be happy to help you out. If you are asked to compare images and you are not sure, ask again. The doctor will repeat and you will easily be able to answer the second time. Also, your answers have to be honest. You shouldn’t shy away from exams with the excuse of cost because cheap eye examsare common today. There are also free eye examinationfrom other eye medical facilities for children, adult and senior citizens. Take advantage of these facilities and take good care of your eyes.

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