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Tips When Buying and types of Colored Contact Lenses

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Different people have different eye colors but there are many who are not satisfied with their natural eye color. There are also many who would like to experiment and see what they would look like with a different eye color. For such people, colored contact lenses serve as great gifts. Contact lenses were successfully rolled out into the market in 1971 by Bausch and Lomb as a replacement for eye glass lenses. However, today, they are most commonly used as beauty accessories rather than correcting eye sight just to change the look of the eye.

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About Colored Contact Lenses

  • If you have perfect vision you could go for colored contact lenses non prescriptionand look great without making an effort. If you need corrective lenses, you must firstconsult your doctor if it would be safe for you, get a prescription and then buy the prescribed colored lenses.  Your eye doctor might recommend you of where to buy the contact lenses. Both options are easily available.
  • While having your eyes checked and while making your purchase, it is important that you check the shape of your eyes as well. Some have circular shape while others have cylindrical shape. The eye shape is crucial in order to buy the right lenses.
  • With these colored lenses you can either increase the attention on you or decrease it. For example, there are colored contact lenses for dark eyes that will help you tone it down but attract a lot of attention at the same time. Light blue, violet, and green are popular options. There are also lenses for lighter eyes that will help you be lower key.

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Types of Colored Contact Lenses

There are mainly three types of lenses to choose from: visibility tint, enhancement tint, and color tint.

  • The first type of colored lenses will simply increase the visibility of your lenses, which means that it will be easier for you to spot them if you accidentally drop them. However, they will not affect the color of your eyes at all.
  • The lenses with enhancement tintwill be of the same color as your eyesbut of a deeper shade so as to enhance the color and make it pop out.
  • Color tinted lenses are those, which will give your eyes a whole new color. For example, if you have brown eyes you can wear blue color tint, causing a dramatic change in your look.

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Tips to Consider When Buying

  • It is strictly unadvisable to buy cheap colored contact lenses just because they are inexpensive. You have numerous good quality options that are cheaper and affordable. The Internet is a great source for such options. You simply need to check various contact lenses stores and buy the best. However, you only choose reputable online sellers that have good reviews.
  • Compromising on the quality of your lenses could mean compromising on your eye health.Always consider your eye doctor’s prescription if you have some eye problems to avoid eye irritations and complications.
  • Besides that, talk to the seller about cleaning and maintaining your lenses so that you use them safely. Cleaning instructions is a must when you are using contact lenses to make sure that your eyes are safe from dirt and bacteria that cannot be seen by your naked eye.
  • Also, use the lenses only through the duration prescribed. Prolonged use can damage your eyes.

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Colored contact lensesare a great way to change or enhance your look. It is a known fact that the attention usually goes to the eyes and you can be a head turner by using colored lenses. Choose according to your needs and desires, and you won’t regret your decision.

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