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Types of Colored Eye Contacts and Purchase Tips

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Colored contact lenses are available not just for people who do not want to wear eye glass lenses but also for those who simply want to change their eye color temporarily. These contacts are of different types and you may choose based on the effect you are looking for. Understanding your needs and talking to the doctor will help you buy the right colored eye contacts.

However, prior to contact lens purchasing, the buyer should make a proper consideration of a few important factors so that you’ll not only have an improved appearance, but will also maintain the health of your eyes at all costs.

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Types of Colored Eye Contacts

Colored contact lenses are mainly of 3 types. The first type of lenses is very slightly tinted and these lenses do not change the color of the eye. They are simply easy to locate if you happen to drop them by mistake. The second type is the enhancement lens. These lenses are of the same color as your eyes but of a darker shade. They work to enhance your existing color. Lastly, there are colored tints, which are full colored eye contacts. They can completely change the color of your eyes.

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Choosing Colored Eye Contacts

Before buying a pair of colored contact lenses, you might want some heads up to ensure you are making the right choice. To get the perfect contact lenses for your specific needs, here are the necessary steps that you have to make:

  • Firstly, talk to your doctor so that you get the prescription. Please note that you need a prescription even if you do not need corrective lenses. When you go to the doctor you can specify that you are merely looking for colored contacts. Whether you buy online or offline, a prescription is mandatory for the purchase of contact lenses.
  • Think of the type of look you want. For a dramatic look you can choose color tints while for an enhanced look you can go with enhancement tints. Colored eye contacts for dark eyes include bright blue and green while for light eyes there are light green, grey, and black. You have plenty of other choices as well.

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  • If you are confused, try a few different colors at the doctor’s office. Doctors have a few free trial lenses that you can use, compare, and choose.
  • If you are only choosing colored lenses without eyesight correction, it is advisable that you choose daily disposable lenses. These are cheaper and easy to maintain because you should dispose them after using them once. You can also buy different colors to try in this way, changing your look for different occasions.
  • Keep in mind that even though color tints can give you a very dramatic change of appearance, they may affect your eyesight. Thus, it is ideal not to choose lenses that are too dramatic.
  • Lastly, make sure you do not buy cheap quality lenses because they can cause vision problem and eye damage. If you want cheap colored eye contacts, you can look online for options that are affordable but do not compromise on the quality.

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While colored eye contacts are a great way to change your appearance without working too hard, there is the need to be careful about the tint you choose. Keep your natural eye color, hair color, and skin tone in mind while making a choice so that you choose the right hue. Also, it is advisable that you not go for a very dramatic change because that may not be pleasing to the eye. Talk to your doctor for advice before purchasing.

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