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Understanding Rimless Glasses

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There was a time when the whole concept of eye glass lenses was hated even though it corrected vision because the glasses were available only in one style and they were very uncomfortable and bulky. They were heavy and wearing them all day even caused inconvenience and headache. Moreover, they ruined appearances and made people look quite tacky. This directly affected their confidence levels. However, times have changed drastically now and the eye glass world has so many different options that you can correct your eyesight and still looksfashionable and being comfortable at the same time. There are also rimless glasses that will reduce the attention on the eyes totally because they do not attract eyes. They are low key and are perfect for those who do not like wearing glasses with rims.

lightweight comfortable rimless eyewear

Why Choose Rimless Glasses

  • These glasses are light and stylish in that you can barely feel themwhile you are wearing them. Therefore, you can even forget that you are wearing them because you can’t almost feel them.
  • They don’t look bulky at all and people barely see them from afar when you are wearing them. This implies that even though you are wearing glasses, from a distance it will seem like you aren’t.
  • These types of glasses today are also very lightweight and available in many choices like rimless folding eye glasses. Therefore, they won’t cause discomfort near the ear or nose regions.
  • Of course, when compared to rimmed glasses these glasses are more delicate and require more care.

kam dhillon 3015 twilight semi rimless eyeglasses

If this is a concern for you, you can take the middle way and choose semi rimless glasses. Such glasses are rimmed on the top and are rimless at the bottom. In a very few cases you will find rim at the bottom without a rim on the top. The fact that these glasses only showcase glass lenseswithout stealing focus makes them very popular. Today most people choose such glasses for the same reason.

Disadvantages of Wearing Rimless Glasses

You have a variety of options such as rimless reading glasses and rimless nearsightedness glasses but you should keep in mind that such glasses are not designed for everyone.

  • There is no denying that these types of glasses are delicate and require more maintenance. The eye glasses can easily scratch and damage because there are no frames to protect them.
  • If you are an active person or a sportsperson, these glasses may not be the right choice for you.
  • Also, these glasses are not advisable for kids because they are quite fragile. The eye glasses can easily break which is harmful for kids.
  • Working men and women in the office can wear these glasses according to their needs, preferences and personal style. It will help them look very professional and elegant.

claasy rimless eyeglasses for women

Tips When Buying Rimless Glasses

The market has an entire range of rimless glasses for womenas well as for men, which means choosing the perfect one that suits you is extremely easy.

  • Your only job is to ensure that you are buying from a certified retailer or seller so that you buy good quality glasses and frames. Keep in mind the material of the lenses as well.
  • Glass is not advised because it is heavy and frail. Plastic, on the other hand, is reliable and lightweight, making it a better option.
  • Also, buy a repair kit for your glasses along with a cleaning cloth so that you can repair small damages by yourself. However, if it is badly damaged, you have to bring your glasses to a professional.

affordable rimless gold computer reading glasses


If you happen to work in the office and needed eyeglasses that will suit your needs as well as fashionable, glasses without rims are the best. They are stylish and subtle, helping you make your own statement without a nerdy look.

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